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Export insights and news from around the world

Malaysia switching to biofuel (NZTE) - The Malaysian government will make it mandatory for all vehicles to use biofuel from next year. Is this an opportunity for you? Click here to read more.
Alcohol sales in Vietnam expected to skyrocket (NZTE) - Sales of alcoholic drink in Vietnam could rise by as much 50.6 per cent by 2013, the Vietnam Business News reported. Click here to read more.
NZ Tech firm chief says 'New Zealand exporter' branding sends wrong message (NZ Herald) - High-tech New Zealand start-ups need to portray themselves as truly global players from their inception, rather than humble exporters, says the chief of a successful Kiwi technology company. Is this advice South African exporter should heed as well? Click here to read more.
Europe moves closer to mandatory country of origin labelling (AP Food Technology) - The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has voted in favour of mandatory country of origin labelling for several foods including dairy products. Click here to read more
Hong Kong in the 21st Century (NZTE) - In the video clip from the link below, the managing director of Glidepath, Sir Ken Stevens, explains how Hong Kong is redefining itself in the 21st century. Click here to view the video.
NZ bioenergy firm breaks into US market (NZTE) - Proving the old maxim of 'where there's muck there's money', a relatively young New Zealand company and its innovative technology is regarded by Biofuels Digest as one of the world's top 20 bio-energy companies. Click here to read more.

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Trade Exhibitions worth considering

AETA International - The American Equestrian Trade Association holds its 2010 summer trade fair in Philadelphia from 14-16 August 2010. Are you involved in equestrian exports? Then this trade fair is for you.
NYIGF 2010The New York International Gift Fair is one of the largest of its kind. Taking place from 14-19 August 2010 in New York City, this trade fair covers a wide range of gift categories and is a 'must attend' for any exporter involved in this industry. Why not combine the NYIGF with the San Francisco International Gift Fair which takes place from 31 July to 3 August 2010?
Tokyo International Gift Show Running from 7-10 September 2010, the 70th Tokyo International Gift Show is another of the major international gift fairs taking place this year.
CeBIT Eurasia BilismThe CeBIT Eurasia Bilism International Trade Fair for information technologies, telecommunications, software and services takes place in Istanbul from 6-10 October 2010
Intermot - Exporting components for motorcycles, scooters or bicycles? Consider Intermot. It takes place from 6-10 October in Cologne, Germany.
Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 - One of the largest book fairs in the world, this is the perfect trade fair for exporters of books and related products. It takes place in Frankfurt (not surprisingly) from 6-10 October 2010. Can't make Frankfurt? Consider our own Cape Town Book Fair taking place from 30 July to 2 August 2010.
Solar Power International 2010 - Interested in solar power? Then this trade fair is for you. It takes place in Los Angeles from 12-14 October 2010.

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From the Editor

Neels Bothma
The continued strength of the rand has had a negative impact on many well-established exporters. Engineering News reported in March that the Shatterprufe division of PG Glass is to close its warehousing facility in the US and to cut back dramatically on its exports to the US. This is truly a sad and worrisome situation. For years I have used Shatterprufe as an export success story in my teachings. What is more, PG Glass is only one of many automotive component manufacturers struggling to combat the effects of a strong rand, says Naacam executive director Roger Pitot. So what to do? According to the article, Pitot argues for government to become involved in managing the exchange rate (to sell dollars and hopefully weaken the rand). I certainly don't ascribe to this. The last thing we need is for government to try its hand at managing the exchange rate. The focus has to be on competitiveness and Pitot in the article acknowledges this, but claims that "this will only happen over a long period of time." But if they know that it's about competitiveness, why did the industry not do something about it some time ago? This same Sword of Damocles (lack of competitiveness) hangs over every exporter and, indeed, over every firm in South Africa. If we are to succeed as an industrial nation the focus has to be on competitiveness, ranging from leading edge R&D, through design, market research, productivity and meeting global quality standards, to international brand building. I believe we need to put more money and effort into promoting those organisations that can assist our firms achieve competitiveness, such as the SABS, Productivity SA, the SA Quality Institute, the Design Institute, and others. Also, I suggest that we identify success stories in South Africa and from around the world, and publicise these so that we can learn from them. Reward creative and innovative companies and ensure that international competitiveness is woven into the ethos of every firm in the country. In this spirit, ExportHelp will strive to focus more on ways of improving competitiveness of our exporters in coming issues of the newsletter.

In the meantime, good luck with your exports.

Neels Bothma


Introducing Finland

Finland has been ranked the second most stable country in the world, in a recent survey based on social, economic, political and military indicators. It was a relative latecomer to industrialisation, remaining a largely agrarian country until the 1950s. Finland is well placed in many international comparisons of national performance such as the share of high-technology manufacturing and health care. The country is ranked 1st in the 2009 Legatum Prosperity rating, which is based on economical performance and quality of life.

Learn more about Finland

Interested in diamonds and jewellery?

Download this Trade Fair Guide for 2010 produced by the International Diamond Exchange. It provides exporters with a comprehensive list of jewellery and related trade fairs taking place around the world in 2010.

Doing business with ... Lebanon

For most South Africans, Lebanon is long way away both physically and culturally. Yet, there is an active and vibrant Lebanese community in South Africa that keeps the ties between the two countries strong. Lebanon is South Africa's 88th most important export destination. South Africa exported R239 million to Lebanon in 2009, representing almost 80% growth over 2008. More interestingly is that exports from South Africa to Lebanon amounted to a mere R45 million in 2006. This represents a 431% increase over the three years from 2006-2009, reflecting such strong growth that most exporters simply cannot afford to ignore it. In contrast, Lebanon exported only R18.1 million to South Africa in 2009, significantly down from the R80.7 million South Africa imported from Lebanon in 2008. Lebanon is South Africa's 116th most important supplier. The 2009 figures represent a trade balance of R220.9 million in South Africa's favour.

The most import export products represent precision and semi-precious stones, machinery, mechanical appliance and electrical equipment, vehicles and associated transport equipment, wood pulp, prepared foodstuffs, plastics and rubber goods, and optical measuring equipment. The single most important import from Lebanon is machinery, mechanical appliance and electrical equipment.

To help you to prepare to do business in Lebanon, we have provided you with a host of links on doing business in Lebanon - see below. You might also want to visit our CountryHelp webpage on Lebanon

Zimbabwe continues to duck free trade demands


While Zimbabwe is signatory to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) free trade area (FTA), various goods imported from other member states of the FTA continue to face custom duties, according to the latest research by Standard Bank's Zimbabwe economics specialist, Yvette Babb. Source: AfResNet.


Important notice to EMIA customers

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) will be introducing new rules on 1 April 2010 for its Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) Group schemes. The rules aim to:
  • Make the schemes more accessible;
  • Improve administrative efficiency;
  • Ensure greater quality of service to our customers; and
  • Introduce new products.
To learn more about these changes, click here.

Export Council under the spotlight - International Steel Fabricators of South Africa

International Steel Fabricators of South Africa is a joint-venture marketing company representing the leading South African structural steel fabricators. The objective of this joint-venture is to increase the export sales of members by pooling their resources. The ISF also serves as the export promotion agency for structural steel in South Africa. If you are a structural steel fabricator, click here to learn more about what the ISF can do for you.


Italian-South African Chamber of Commerce


Founded in 1983, the Italcham's mission is to promote, develop and encourage trade and commercial activities between South Africa and Italy and to promote the business interests of entrepreneurs. With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town Italcham offers a wide range of valuable services, including providing advice on business, hosting networking events and giving support on important issues that might affect companies active or interested in Italy. The Chamber can provide services both to Italian firms willing to operate in the South African market, and vice versa to South African companies interested in the Italian market. To learn more about what the Chamber can do for you, click here.

Investment Ready Guide

The Investment Ready Guide, developed by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, is designed to offer you a brief introduction to the world of investment capital funding and to explain in clear language some of the concepts and terms used by the investment industry. This is a really useful tool incorporating a series of quick tests and templates aimed at helping you find out if your business is ready for investment funding - or indeed if investment funding is the best option for your business. Although it is written and developed from a NZ point-of-view, it remains a very useful guide, worth downloading. Click here to access the resource.


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Please note that ExportHelp cannot be held responsible for any action taken on your part based on the information we provide. Always seek legal advice before becoming contractually involved in any international trade dealings.

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