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South African Translators


The need to communicate in other languages

One of the many challenges you will face in international markets is dealing with the different languages you will encounter across the world. Fortunately, English is the 'lingua franca' of the export world, but nevertheless, you are likely to come across potential customers that simply do not speak English and somehow you may need communicate with them. Alternatively, you may receive a communication from an overseas customer written in German or Spanish or Chinese. You could ignore it, but with a bit of effort you can have the communication translated and a reply set up in the target language and you can be assured that potential customer will be very impressed with your seriousness to do business. Of course, you wouldn't take this effort just with every customer.

You would only do so with reputable firms, so the first thing you would do is check the website of the firm communicating with you - if it appears that they are a substantial concern, then perhaps it is worth taking the effort to translate the communication. If it is a small firm or they simply don't have a website, then perhaps you should think twice.

South African translation services

South African translation Institute (SATI)
This is the South African association of translators. They are almost certainly likely to be able to direct you to local translators of other languages. Give them a call.

AA Language Bureau
A&A LANGUAGE BUREAU International Translation Services was established in 1992. The Company was designed to meet with the rapidly growing need for language-related services in South Africa and overseas as the company entered the international markets. We have been providing professional Translation services for 17 years to various reputable companies locally and internationally. As a consequence of globalization and high markets expectations, we keep on making sure that "high quality standards" and customer satisfaction are maintained throughout the years. As a result, we add on newcomers to our portfolio every year. Our aim is to offer our clients top professional services in all 49 different languages.

Adilia Cardoso
Sworn Translator of the Supreme Court of South Africa. Fields of specialisation: Any type of contract, marriage and death certificates, divorce, technical, legal and medical translations. Languages: Portuguese/English

alafrench translate from French to English and from English to French:

  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing materials
  • Legal contracts
  • Websites & software
  • Books & magazines
  • Films & TV shows

Apollo Pampalis
We are an association of professional translators who refer work to one another. We only work with top class professional translator colleagues as the performance of each one of us reflects on all of us. For translation to or from most languages at market related fees contact Apollo Pampallis, sworn court translator/interpreter or send your article for assessment and quote to translatornetwork@gmail.com for response within a day, or for urgent work call 0713220582

Authentic Language Solutions
Translation and interpreting services as well as editing and proofreading: Languages offered are all languages but specifically French, English, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Chinese

Bangula Language Centre
Translation and interpreting services: legal, financial, general and sworn translation in all SA and most European languages; interpreting in various language combinations.

Jasmin Raafat Basha
English-Arabic. Interpreter, translator, lecturer. Tel:+27 7487 30178 .

Camille Viudes
Translation and simultaneous interpreting, proofreading and editing: Languages - French and English. camille@saysplash.com

Cyril Clarke
Translation: Afrikaans to English; English to Afrikaans; Proof reading: English texts and Afrikaans texts. I can also competently translate Flemish / Dutch texts into Afrikaans or English. cyril@mweb.co.za

Dan's Language Services
Translations done from Afrikaans or Dutch into English and from English or Dutch into Afrikaans.

Dilicom Language and Communication
Translation, editing and proofreading services.

French Translation Services (Pty) Ltd.
An expert translation service provided by qualified professional translators specialising in English to French and French to English document translation.

European Language Services
European Language Services is a South African company that was created to address the rapidly growing need for language services in South Africa, as the country enters the global market. European Language Services offers a wide range of professional translation services in European and Oriental languages.

Folio Online
Acknowledged leaders in African language translation, offering even rare regional languages, Folio also translates in every major international language. Very nice website guys!

French Translations
French Translations.co.za provides professional language translation from French to English and from English to French.

French Translators
French Translators is a company that specializes in the translation of documents and interpreting from English to French and vice versa.

We specialize in helping Gauteng professionals communicate in French. We pride ourselves on our versatility as we are always able to put forward a solid solution to our clients, no matter what their requirements may be. Our services include:
  • Corporate French training
  • Translation service
  • Interpretation service

G & R Translation Services
G & R is a two-people team dealing mainly with the translation and interpretation between Chinese (Mandarin) and English in Cape Town, South Africa. Both Gina Wang and Richard Zhao are sworn translator of English and Chinese registered with the High Court of South Africa.

HB Translation Services
Translation services in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

In Other Words
Sworn translators specialising in Portuguese but also providing translations in other languages

KB Translation Services
KB Translation Services offers French Translation, Editing & Proofreading Services.

Offers translation, proofreading and editing in German, English and Afrikaans.

Betül Kutoglu
Betül Kutoglu is a bilingual French-Turkish (sworn interpreter).

Kwintessential provide key services such as Translation, Interpreters, Transcription, Multilingual Subtilting, Cultural Awareness Training and more! Specialising in African, as well as European and Asian languages

Language Inc.
Translation and interpretation specialists. Language Inc. is a South African-based company with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. They offer language services (translation, proofreading, editing and copywriting) in all of the official South African, major African, Asian and European languages.

Search and Find Professional Language Services. Need professional language services? Search, compare, and request quotes.

Multilingua Translation & Interpretation Services
Multilingua Translation & Interpretation Services is an agency which provides professional language services. The agency arose out of the need for a link between prospective clients and freelance language workers and sub-contracts to competent and professional freelance interpreters, translators and editors. Due to the nature of the work accepted by the agency, at least seventy five percent of the freelancers employed are from previously disadvantaged language groups.

Nandi's International Language Bureau
Translations / Interpretations, Editing / Proofing in the following languages: Portuguese/English/Portuguese, Spanish/English/Spanish, French/English/French
Interpreters for: Regional Courts, High Court, Constitutional Courts, All Legal and Judicial Matters

NG- Translation-Traduction Language Bureau
Freelance translator of English and French.

SMA Consulting
SMA Consulting offers professional Translation / Interpreting Services in Russian - English language as well as Russian - English lessons and Russian speaking tour guides. We offer professional accurate translations of all types of documents including legal, technical, economic, personal etc. from Russian into English and from English into Russian. The translations are done by a professional sworn translator with over 20 years of experience, knowledge of terminology and document formats. If necessary the documents are sealed with the official seal of the sworn translator which makes the translation legal and accepted by all official bodies of South Africa. We offer reasonable rates for all services rendered.

Soror Language Services - SLS
SLS is a language service company that provides translation, interpretation, proofreading, multicultural and typesetting services in virtually every language in the world.

Sysser Waspe
English to Danish
Marketing - Medical
Technical - Software
IT - Business - Tourism
Finance - E-commerce

T3 traductions, tallier, translations
T3 - Traductions - Tallier - Translations is a provider of French/English – English/French translation services.

Teachers & Interpreters - the language company
T&I translates in more than 30 language combinations: Websites, Pamphlets, Brochures, Books, Formal/Official documents, Technical documents
The documents are translated by experienced and sworn translators. T&I also provides translators who will come and work at your offices (translation or transcription of recorded phone calls, translation of emails, handling of live phone calls, etc...).

Interpreters and translators networks of Southern Africa. A non-profit, professional association of translators and interpreters.

TNT Translations
TNT Translations provide translations from English into all of the official South African languages, European languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Mandarin.  We also do translations into English from the abovementioned languages and proofreading of documents in various fields of specialisation such as medical, engineering and law.  We are also able to provide sworn translations where required. 

Translators on call
Translators On Call gives you instant access to a team of over 500 professional translators covering all 11 South African and over 130 foreign languages. Our translators deliver fast, accurate and reliable translation services to commercial, public, non-governmental as well as individual clients. The scope of our work typically includes marketing, business, legal, technical, academic and business translations as well as the editing and proofreading of various other types of commercial contracts and documentation. Combining a global language footprint and mother tongue expertise our professional translators deliver accurate, reliable translation services to hundreds of private and organisational clients worldwide.

Veronique Viviers - French/English Sworn Translator
French Sworn Translator of the High Court of SA available for all your
French to English and English to French legal translation needs, as well as
technical and business related translations.  Quick turnaround time and
competitive rates. Contact  veroniquevivier@thetranslator.co.za

Vita Brevis
Vita Brevis Language, established in 2001, is a language bureau specializing in the translation, proofreading, editing and copywriting of all major European, African and Asian languages. With a team of over 500 regular translators and editors with years of experience in various fields, our company takes pride in providing work of professional quality, while guaranteeing excellent rates.

Website Translation Service
With increasing numbers of german, french and other language speakers visting South Africa there is a growing need to offer websites in French, German and other european languages. Tourism websites such as hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses will benefit from language translations to make it easy for foreign visitors to understand their websites. Also useful for exporters wanting to internationalise their website.

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